Design and Function:

The 3/2-way valve is a double seated valve. 
In an unpowered state, P is connected to Z and T is locked. 
In a powered state, P is locked to the maximum permissible pressure and Z is connected to T.

Additional Technical Details:

Reference viscosity: 10 - 380 mm2/s
Perm. temperature range: -30 up to +70 °C
Filtration: max. 25 µm
Dim. without solenoid coil: 61 g

3/2-way Solenoid Cartridges, normally open (NO)tech. drawings and additional information see fact sheets  (pdf)

Model Series Nominal bore max. working pressure in bar Order No. Data sheet
3/2-MVP-nPoRV-D-M14-NW 0,8 M14 0,8 200 20030-162 pfeil
3/2-MVP-nPoRV-D-M14-NW 0,9 M14 0,9 160 20031-162 pfeil
3/2-MVP-nPoRV-D-M14-NW 1,1 M14 1,0 120 20032-162 pfeil
3/2-MVP-nPoRV-D-M14-NW 1,4 M14 1,4 60 20033-162 pfeil


Name Series Model, Specs. Order No. Data sheet
Form drills M14 M14-3/2 91-4913 pfeil
Pipe mounting casing M14 Connector G1/8 (35x50x25) 34-4662 pfeil
M14 Connector G1/4 (45x55x32) 34-5323
Solenoid coils tl_files/jung/img/style/btn-pfeil.png

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