Design and Function:

In an unpowered state, the poppet valve is held open by a spring. 

This is the case for both flow directions.
In a powered state, the magnet presses against the spring which in turn presses the valve poppet against the hardened valve seat.

The flow is sealed off in both directions.


The maximum permissible pressure for A is limited by the spring; for B it is limited by magnetic force.

Additional technical details:

Reference viscosity: 46 mm2/sec
Viscosity range: 10 to 500 mm2/sec
Perm. temperature range: -30 up to +70 °C
Filtration: max. 25 µm
2/2-way Solenoid Cartdidges, normally open (NO)tech. drawings and additional information see fact sheets  (pdf)
Model Series Nominal bore Working pressure Specs. Data sheet Order No.
2/2-MVP-NO-D-M14-GS-NW 0,5 M14 0,5

pmax(A)=210 bar

pmax(B)=210 bar

  B03-5194 16-5268
2/2-MVP-NO-D-M14-GS-NW 0,7 M14 0,7

pmax(A)=200 bar

pmax(B)=200 bar

2/2-MVP-NO-D-M14-GS-NW 1,0 M14 1,0

pmax(A)=120 bar

pmax(B)=120 bar

2/2-MVP-NO-D-M14-GS-NW 1,4 M14 1,4

pmax(A)=60 bar

pmax(B)=60 bar

2/2-MVP-NO-D-M14-GS-NW 3,6 M14 3,6

pmax(A)=200 bar

  B04-2310 16-2310
Components Data sheet  
Solenoid coils Both small and large solenoid coils are available for standard voltage. F01-3666  
Casing for pipe mounting

Dim.: 50x35x25mm

with G1/8 connector F02-5388 34-5322
with G1/4 connector 34-5393

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